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Projects and Testimonials

With my own interest in Lao Tzu, this was an interesting and enlightening book to narrate. I hope you enjoy listening to this ancient wisdom as much as I enjoyed narrating it! 

For promotional codes please contact me.

Profound Accordance 

Lao Tzu's Treatise on the Way of  Heaven

Translated by David Sieving

Narrated by Marianne Robinson

Available at

Intoleran website

It was a pleasure to work with Harmen Treep and his team at Intoleran - international digestive experts. My work included adpating the whole Dutch website text into typically sounding, readable English. An example of this can be viewed here: 

Lactose intolerance | Intoleran International

Harmen Treep, Managing Director, Intoleran

"Marianne helped us in translating and adapting our Dutch website into an English international website.  

She swiftly understood the context and the right tone of voice to our brand.

She really helped to adapt our text to our English audiences with changes and tips on phrasing and way of communicating.

Jackery Power Solar Generator Promotional Christmas video

I wrote the script and voiced a short 2 minute 2021 Christmas promotional video for Jackery Power solar generators. It was great to work with Bryan Guno and his team!

Bryan Guno, Digital Creator

"Working with Marianne was an amazing experience, easy going and very professional. Marianne went above and beyond and blew our expectations by writing scripts and going out of her way to help us complete this project. I picked Marianne's voice as it’s very clear and fits perfectly for the theme we are trying to achieve." 

Charity Explainer video

I wrote the text and voiced this explainer video about interoception - an awareness of our inner sensory processes. Interoception is a word we don’t often hear, yet it describes the process of independent self-regulation – something that is happening all of the time even if we are unaware of it. Our “interoception” or in other words, the “inner monitoring of our entire body” is hugely important. Self-regulation, mental health and social connection are all influenced by our brain collecting information about how our entire body feels. The process of interoception is hard at work all of the time, monitoring our entire body. 

Pillars of Avalon - audiobook

'Pillars of Avalon, Canadian Historical Brides Book 5' is a historical fiction book written by Katherine Pym and Jude Pittman. This was the second audiobook I narrated which received a good review in Audiofile magazine - a very welcome surprise! For this book I had to use several different accents to voice the many characters. It was a great joy to read. Originally for sale at, this is now for sale at various outlets including For further information about the book and to read the audiofile magazine review please visit my BLOG.

Katherine Pym, author

OMG, this is wonderful.

I had no idea.

This is so exciting. You rock! 

Jenny Hoops,
Snowdog Audio
Production Company

Marianne Robinson is a gem of a narrator! Her clear voice conveys the emotions and intentions of the characters, and she masterfully drives the narrative so that listeners are swept up in the story.

I heartily recommend her.

Being Happy Always - audiobook

This self development audio book written by Steven Yessick was the first audiobook I narrated. I enjoyed narrating this as it is full of positive ideas on living life happily. This is for sale at

Steven Yessick, author

You did an outstanding job Marianne.

I am thrilled.

So happy to have worked with you. You are so talented. It sounds amazing!

Goodwill for the Gentleman - audiobook

'Goodwill for the Gentleman' by Martha Keyes is an enjoyable light-hearted historical romance with the story based around Christmas time. It was a fun book to narrate and is for sale at

Curl up by the fireplace with a soothing voice

Marianne Robinson did an amazing job of bringing this story to life. It was the perfect mix of articulate and soothing.

The story is excellent, especially if you’re interested in period fiction.

5 stars all around!

Compelling and Refreshing.

The narrative is compelling and gorgeous. The narrator of the story Marianne brings characters to life and has an incredibly soothing voice. Its not only just a Christmas story, but its a story for Winter and when you want to cosy up to the fire or just have a lie down and relax to this book.

A Christmas time romance in early 1800's England

The narration by Marianne Robinson was top notch , her warm lilting British accent made the story even more authentic. If your looking for a little escapism with a touch from a different time you can't go wrong with "Goodwill for the Gentleman".

Collaborative meditation project:
"Settle the Mind"

"De-Stress" - a sample from a collaborative creative meditation project entitled "Settle the Mind".

Introduction - 0-1.30mins written and read by Andrew Campbell Instagram: @officialandrewcampbell

Sky meditation - 1.31mins-3.48mins written and read by Marianne Robinson Instagram: @marianneaudio


It has been a pleasure to work with actor Andrew Campbell on this creative meditation project entitled "Settle the Mind". Andrew's contemplative empathic narrative makes it feel as if you are listening to a friend. It was clear to me while working with Andrew that he has a genuine belief in helping others and this shines through in the words he has written and in his soothing melodic voice. Easy-going and professional, it was a great pleasure to work with Andrew on this creative project.


This sample - "De-stress" is the first in our series of meditation tracks with more to follow! Watch this space. 🙂


Our project aims to reach out to people around the world to help with mental health, particularly those who have suffered from trauma, anxiety or depression. We hope this can provide some relief to people through practicing mindfulness.


This is a joint creative project intended to help with de-stressing and relaxing. If you are suffering from mental health issues please contact your GP.


Thank you for listening!


Andrew Campbell is a male Irish Actor and Voice Actor. He can be contacted on his instagram: @officialandrewcampbell

Marianne Robinson is a British female Voiceover Artist and Freelance Writer, instagram: @marianneaudio

Andrew and Marianne Intro and Sky meditation
00:00 / 03:46

Introduction: 0 -1.30 mins written and read by Andrew Campbell 

Sky meditation: 1.31 mins to 3.46 mins written and read by Marianne Robinson 

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