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"Goodwill for the Gentleman" by Martha Keyes, narrated by myself OUT now at

Have you ever known your own truth but chosen to ignore it? This historical romance is an extremely well written story by the very talented author Martha Keyes about a secret love, one which the main characters try to deny but can't. Set in London in 1813, it's a novel which uses the characters Hugh Warrilow and Emma Caldwell to pursue the idea of internal personal struggle and reflection - a constant battle between what is right in society and what is truly felt in the heart; a conflict between thought and feeling. The characters are likeable because we hear their truth and we understand and can relate to their dilemma. The story provides an escapism by providing contented feelings of winter, snow, family, love and Christmas and one which keeps the reader and I hope the listener engaged.

I really loved narrating this audiobook which is now out for sale at It is the third book I have narrated and so feel more confident with each one. I like the story because the characters were very real to me. The interesting dynamics between family members and the emotions that we all go through is something this book excels at which makes it a great novel. I really hope that I have captured the characters in my narration of this book and that it is a good listen.

Blurb written on the back of the book

"Emma Caldwell doesn't hate anyone - except for Hugh Warrilow, the man who jilted her older sister and left like a coward to join the army. Men are clearly not to be trusted, and Emma is determined not to give her heart to one. No, a marriage of convenience is the very thing to suit her.

Hugh Warrilow has been secretly in love with Emma Caldwell for years, so when the time comes to live up to both families' expectations and marry her sister, he can't find it in himself to do it. Disgraced and misunderstood, he joins to fight Napoleon on the Continent, hoping he will forget Emma and be forgotten by everyone he has disappointed.

An injury brings Hugh home - just in time for Christmas and the snowstorm that leaves him trapped under the same roof as Emma. How will he explain that his unforgivable act was motivated by how desperately he loved her? Her icy reception doesn't leave him the chance, nor does it offer much hope for the season's expectation of peace on earth and goodwill to men. "

Please let me know if you would like a promo code to listen to this audiobook in exchange for an honest review or if you are thinking of joining and would like this audiobook to be your first listen, you can find the Bounty referral link on my webpage under News or contact me.

Thank you for listening!

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