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"Writing is the painting of the voice." Voltaire

Writing is such a satisfying pursuit and something that I have always loved. Creative writing (of any kind), goal-setting, or jotting down personal thoughts are all so healing and cathartic. The process is literally as the quote suggests "painting of the voice" and this is such a beautiful idea to me that it inspired me to write this post! Especially at the start of a new year, I think that everyone can start their new page (day), chapter (month) or book (year) of their life and look at the first blank January page with wonder and excitement.

I am excited to be continuing on my voice over work which has gradually developed since May 2019. The start was setting up my equipment, my website, joining social media (something I thought I would never do but has opened several doors and allowed me to make many new friends, colleagues and clients), training, joining professional networks and narrating books. The process of learning has allowed me to expand further into recently voicing a promotional video and providing voice over for an explainer video for a charity. Both of these voice jobs have involved my creative input in writing the actual piece, something that I am very pleased to do. I have also written and voiced a creative work with a colleague that will be out soon and have been working on my own creative writing piece and hope to be sharing this in the near future. I have also provided proof reading and copy editing for a Dutch company's website and do bid-writing for charity work.

So my aims for 2022 are to continue to work on my voice, my home studio set-up, and to include writing services to my business. I have therefore listed the writing services that I can provide:

  • Script writing

  • Creative writing

  • Proofreading and copy editing

If you have any ideas or projects in mind and would like to discuss voicework or my writing services please get in touch!

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